Seth Parker was born on March 17th, 1964 in Providence, R.I. By 1975 he had begun his musical career studying percussion and drums, as well as guitar. He soon began playing with his own jazz and rock bands by the age of 11. As his family moved from Rhode Island to Vermont and then Springfield, Mass., he developed the style and skills that would become the foundation of his unique approach to music.

Though his choice of formal musical training was to be Berkley School of Music in Boston and the notable Manhattan School of Music, life and survival became his immediate concern. He moved on to become a full-time musician and singer with numerous bands in New England, ranging from "Top 40" to "Jazz" and his own "Solo work" in electronic and unplugged performances. As he gained experience, he moved to Martha's Vineyard, where he was recruited to record one of his own original compositions. This song, "Mr. Hackett", was then added to a CD compilation with Carly Simon, Richie Havens, Evan Dandon and others, on an album entitled "Vineyard Sound 3". He soon thereafter branched off to pursue his own brand of "Americana rock". Scouted on one of his many solo tours down the Atlantic Seaboard through Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, he was chosen to appear on the nationally syndicated television show, "Star Search". Seth's talents were recognized again and he made it through the playoffs to become a semi-finalist. Soon after, he brought his music to the southland of Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico and then returned home to his roots in the northeast. The latest anthology entitled "The Art of Working" is his most prolific endeavor and was recorded in New York City. In the summer of 2000, Seth's first full band and plugged in CD will be released, called "Live and Breathe," complemented by the likes of studio greats Sean Pelton on drums (Saturday Night Live band and Shawn Colvin) and Mark Egan on bass. Seth is now based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Now beginning his journey through the world of contemporary recorded music, it is time for him to share through music, his own inimitable take on life. For those of us who still listen to "passion" in lyrics and song, hearing Seth sing his poetry is all the explanation one needs.

"Enjoy his trip!"



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